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Akira Ebihara

Akira Ebihara is a Tokyo illustrator. After planning and designing for gifts, she became a freelance illustrator in 2004. Now she draw illustrations mainly for magazine covers, books, and commercial media targeting young women from teenagers to those in their 30s, including packages and posters of P&G and Japanese major companies. Her illustrations have been highlighted in domestic and foreign design and art magazines. She started overseas activities in 2010.

Selected Clients:
P&G, FANCL, Shiseido, Panasonic, Kao, Johnson & Johnson, Kokuyo, etc.


电话 +86 13826167183

邮箱 [email protected]

微信 ampersand18


Aya Kakeda

出生及长大与日本东京,现具纽约布鲁克林。在这里,Aya Kakeda绘制并创作了一个又一个极其富有想象力以及色彩冲击力的魔幻新世界。其丰厚的想象力成功令她能够为来自世界各地的客户制作书籍,产品,杂志,海报和商场美陈等。

IED设计奖2019插图奖,马德里(西班牙) Valencia Crea2015,青年国家插图奖(西纽约插图画家协会,SILA,MOCCA艺术节,印刷杂志和3x3插画的插画奖牌

耐克Nike, 迪士尼Disney Hyperion Books, 尼克儿童频道Nickelodeon, 华盛顿邮报Washington Post, 梅西百货Macy’s, 香港超级市场Hong Kong Mega Mall, 纽约时报The New York Times, Runners World, Noggin TV, Men’s Journal 等等。