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Bozka is an artist and illustrator based in Poland. She have been fascinated by nature and it’s natural fairy-tale quality since childhood. Therefore, her work draws from the richness of nature’s forms to create impossible worlds full of plant and animal hybrids, new species of insects and birds. Bozka is also a traveler, she collect memories from her journeys, experiences, moods, and dreams, from which she construct the language of her illustrations.

Awards and Honors:
KAREA Gemstone Space, Warsaw, Solo Exhibition, 2019
Landmark North, Hong Kong, Solo Exhibition, 2018
Scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, 2013

Selected Clients:
Shiseido, Lukullus Patisserie, Mood Scent Bar, Dr Irena Eris, Echa Lesne, Empik.