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Nice shapes that makes you laugh at first sight, a love style you are unaccustomed to see but you do like it. Is a mixture of a toy or a candy that always makes you laugh and enjoy. This is Chocotoy. Chocotoy is a couple of artists, creatives based in Mexico, and have been dedicated to designing characters and aesthetics full of color and who have worked together with great brands and world-class artists. Chocotoy is the face of the generation that grew up with Cartoon Network and manga. Their colorful and smiling figures are both familiar and surprising. Their characters engage in discussions about graffiti, comics, the difference between high culture and mass culture.

Awards and Honors:
MM&M Awards, 2017 One of the most popular social network illustrators in the world One of the world's most famous 2D and 3D character design artists Expo de Volada Mexico, Group Exhibition Etc.

Selected Clients:
Adidas, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Levi’s, Apple Music, Isquare HK, HP, Gatorade, Nickelodeon, Zipper, Golden, Instasize, Line Friends, Cunaguaro Beer, Donut Panic, Slice Pizza etc.