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Chrissy Lau

Chrissy Lau is an award-winning British Born Chinese illustrator based in Sydney. Her illustrations are inspired by her Chinese heritage and are instantly recognisable by her signature delicate lines, masses of flowing hair & intricate patterns. She creates mesmerising intriguing art through patterns and lines that hold deeper symbolism and cultural integrity – in a nutshell she’s ‘East meets West’. Chrissy illustrates with a strong understanding of her Chinese heritage, which has enabled her to create authentic bespoke Chinese designs for Johnnie Walker BLUE, Zodiac coins for the Royal Australian Mint, the Year of the Dragon campaign for the City of Sydney & a Chinese Zodiac stamp series for Guernsey Post. She graduated from university with a law degree but her real passion is all things creative. Chrissy has been a commercial illustrator for over 14 years, during that time she has also worked as an art gallery manager, online content producer and search engine marketing manager (Winner of the IAB Search Marketing Campaign of the Year 2011).

Awards and Honors:
Chrissy's Pastai illustrations have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award in collaboration with award winning graphic designer Daniele Politini. Her designs for Mambo have been highly commended by Desktop Magazine CREATE Awards. She has designed prestige limited edition coins for the Royal Australian Mint and Chinese Zodiac stamps for Guernsey Post which have been approved by the Queen and are now available as a collectors edition here.

Selected Clients:
Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Marie Claire, Sydney Opera House, Random House Penguin, City of Sydney, Royal Australian Mint, Orange Mobile, Mambo, Jetstar, BIC, Pelikan Artline, Filmme Fatales, Virgin, Seattle Met, DDB, Urban Walkabout, Men's Health, Red Magazine, Maxus, Guernsey Post, Smiggle, Women's Weekly, Elle Girl, A Magazine, Adopt Change, Pearson Education, Gary Pepper Vintage, King St Wharf, Defunker Shirts, AvantCard, La La Land, Total Girl Magazine, Sunday Telegraph, Cincinnati Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, Seattle Met Magazine, Anna Lemma Magazine, Blanket Magazine, Pocketto Magazine, Pikka, Pastai, CARGO Bar, Bespoke Letterpress.