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Geo Law

Geo Law is an illustrator and graphic artist based in London and has produced artwork for Kiehl’s L’Oreal, The New York Times, Google, Facebook, The Washington Post, Walt Disney Animation Studio and Honda to name some. Geo’s work is influenced by his love of comic books, hip hop music, Asian art and visual culture as, he works between creating hand painted murals in office spaces to digital artworks for advertising and licensing purposes. Geo has produced work for publishing, editorial, advertising and interior spaces for clients in the US and UK. The artwork style is bright, fun in nature and reflects a lively collection of characters, colourful worlds and good will.

Converse [London] 2012
WaterAid America [New York] 2016
Secret 7’s [London] 2020

Selected Clients:
Kiehl’s L’Oreal Google The New York Times Taco Bell The Washington Post Timeout Magazine [London] The Walt Disney Animation Studio Facebook Dunkin’ Donuts Everton Football Club Whole Foods Market Honda Converse Wareraid America