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Hitoshi Miura

Hitoshi Miura is a Japanese artist. Fascinated by the irresistible beauty of found objects, revitalizes his weathered things into art. He used to work as a designer for companies, but soon he became a freelancer because his goal has always been to express his creativity in a style that hasn’t been seen before. He continues to move forward on the journey to meet his intimate self, to meet the child in him who instinctively goes beyond the borders of definitions. Hitoshi Miura is an artist of innovation and breakthroughs.

Received nomination of work exhibition in The Art of Mickey Mouse exhibition from the Walt Disney production as a Japanese artist in 1999. 3-Dimensional Art Directors & Illustrators Awards Show(USA)[Best of Show Award] [Gold Award] [Silver Award] [Bronze Award] 1st International Poster Triennial in Moscow [The First Grade]

Selected Clients:
Nissan Graphic Arts, Aichi Toyota, Konica Minolta Japan, Hitachi, Shueisha, etc.