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Jose Villacrez

Jose Villacrez — Innate lover of nature, passionate about representing human emotions through art, Fascinated by contrasts and beauty in details. Jose Villacrez is an illustrator born and based in Lima, Peru, my essence revolves around representing human emotions and sensations, I explore how I see each one in my mind and land it in my different works, I look for a visual language with great beauty, charming and expressive. Influenced carbonated by Japanese culture and working a lot with the fantasy that is present in my works.

Awards and Honors:
Publication in the best packaging in the world (2020)
Collective exhibition Word Image (Colombia 2017)
Behance Awards
Behance Porfolio Reviews Peru

Selected Clients:
Cartoon Network, Nvidea, Gigabyte, Logitech, DarkWoods, Vertagear