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Kenor is known world-wide for his vibrant geometric abstract work, that distinguishes him in the urban art arena together with his ability to translate techno beats into a dynamic, shimmering composition of colors, beams and electrifying rays of light. Kenor began painting in the 1990s, as a result of watching Barcelona’s decaying landscape and his fascination for the walls - their skins, their textures - and the connection with people and their social background. He grew up between the contrast of the urban surroundings of a large city and the valleys of the south of Spain, where his family originally comes from, a mix that is an infinite source of inspiration and which could explain his eclectic yet organic mix of rhythm and aesthetics. He is a multidisciplinary artist, muralist and sculptor seeking to transform the urban landscape with brightly colored abstract forms adapting his lively pieces into any surface and context. The artist is a born performer - his bright and energetic art works are a consequence of his own burning energy. Music has a fundamental role in Kenor’s life: the artist has the ability to visually interpret musical vibrations, transforming electronic music’s notes and moods into spatial compositions.

Awards and Honors:
In 2015 he presented in Paris a disruptive exhibition "Polythmic Beats" curated by Fabien Hulin, accompanied by an extensive book that analyzed a decade of work, with an introduction by Rafael Schacter.
He realized installations at Barcelona Caixaforum, Paris Grand Palais, Milan Leonardo Da Vinci Museum and he has been featured 3 times in the Graffiti Art Magazine Urban Contemporary Art Guide.

Selected Clients:
Footlocker, OYSHO, Felipe Masse, Milan Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Rojo Magazine, Kyiv Metro Train etc.