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Mia Marie Overgaard

Mia Marie Overgaard is a Danish visual artist and designer based in Copenhagen. Working internationally with art, illustration and commercial design projects. Mia Marie Overgaard graduated from KADK (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design) in 2006.

Mia Marie Overgaard’s statement:
“In art you will experience things, that you have forgotten you had seen before - in the world, in others, in yourself. The balance is the important element. In art it is that, which for the artist is found between the format and the topic. And for the viewer between the viewer and the art. My art does not revolve around all the things that are wrong in our society, but more around something universal and tied to being human. We enter the world through another persons body. The fact that we exist is solely due to the fact that someone else exists as well. Matter made by matter, a new body in relation to another persons body. The young child is born as his own individual, but cannot initially distinguish between himself and the breast that makes him grow. As with the mother, who has given birth to another human being, continues to have a bodily dependence to the offspring. She is herself reborn psychologically and must find a new way to exist in the world. Another form has shaped me, and I have shaped another form. The mother has thereby much in common with the artist, who birth new forms again and again. The female experience and unity and seperation play as inspiration in my work. The unity of the mother and the child and the individual as part of a greater whole. For the mother the child is a reminder of something universal; The Divine, cosmos, chaos, the endless; that which she herself came from, and will return to.”

Selected Clients:
Nina Ricci, Mr.Perswall, Soft Gallery, Molo Kids, ESSENCE Magazine etc,