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Sam Peet

Sam Peet is an illustrator based in the UK; he achieved his BA (Hons) illustration degree at the Cambridge School of art. He tries to create work that is immediate and bold with a sense of movement. Before he starts his project, Sam would write a lot of lists fo ideas, words, and phrases, which helps a lot when he is struggling to come up with a strong concept. The main source of inspiration are films by Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, music, art, culture and travel, and pretty much everything in life. Illustration is a big part of Sam’s life, and he feels very lucky to finally be able to do this as a career.

Selected Clients:
Apple, Twitter, FC Barcelona, GQ Magazine, BizEd Magazine, Myself Magazine, Fortune Magazine, On That Ass, Blue Moon, Shilla Duty Free, 2GREY, Chicago Booth Magazine, Afar Magazine, New Scientist, Arte Magazin, Shortlist Magazine, Edison Magazine, Dezeen, Quarto Publishing Group, Harvard Business Review, Wired Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine etc.