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Van Orton

Van Orton are twin brothers designers from Grayskull. Twins Marco and Stefano Van Orton, who work together as Van Orton Design, pair ’80s nostalgia with Technicolor patterns that incorporate the dots and lines wielded by Roy Lichtenstein and other Pop art idols from an even earlier decade. The twins took up drawing in high school and then enrolled in Turin’s Istituto Albe Steiner, a design and advertising school, where they learned from a different set of masters—and ultimately created their own style. After they’ve identified the main idea behind a project together, Marco generally traces the design in thick, well-defined black lines, using vector illustrations and Photoshop brushes to balance digital with analog; Stefano focuses on the color scheme, inserting textures and patterns, and bringing each project to completion.

Exhibitions and Honors:
Miyazaki Art Show, Spoke Art - New York, 2017
Netflix & Dreamworks Voltron Exhibition, Hero Complex Gallery - Los Angeles, 2016
Daft Punk Dp3, Gauntlet Gallery - San Francisco, 2015

Selected Clients:
Mercedes-Benz, Universal Music, Armani, Jägermeister, BMW, Warner Bros, Microsoft, Espn, Marvel, Sky, Dreamworks, Nestlè, Sisley, Rolling Stone, Empire Magazine, Colmar, Nissan, Philips, Three Olives Vodka etc.