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For Voyager illustration & Art is a utopian lifestyle, full of curiosity, wonder and exploration. Creating visual development, character design, environments & backgrounds using the digital illustration technique. Voyager means traveler of time and space. As a voyager the art he creates represents the journey of his soul. Each Illustration has for its porpuse the attaiment of a higher level of perception. Its real significance lies in the philosophy of life it displays. As a visual methaphysic, it is a synthesis of the external and internal worlds that unify into one, the link between human and cosmos. Voyager Illustrations intent to become a visual aid for self enlightment and works as a reminder to find the basic element in thenhuman heart, the spirit, the divine spark.

Exhibitions and Honros:
ICCA (Ecuador´s Cinematographic award for animation series development)
Gallery- Salon Visual Bacanika 2014
Wacom Gallery Etc.

Selected Clients:
HUAWEI, Riot Game-League of Legends, Red Bull, Adobe, Chill Beats etc.