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Sasha Ignatiadou

Sasha Ignatiadou was born in Russia. Sasha received her art education also in Russia: 5 years of art school and 6 years of Academy of Architecture and art, Rostov on Don, 2011. At the university, Sasha studied various techniques of arts and crafts: batik- silk painting, hot enamel, ceramics, tapestry, and carpet weaving. During her studies she took an active part in many Russian exhibitions. In 2014, Sasha moved to Germany, where she began to study illustration on her own. And in 2016 she was already doing work for the collection issue of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. From that moment, Sasha's work turned into an illustrator's work, and she worked with such clients as Puma, Harper’s bazaar, Elle magazine, Psychologies magazine, Drew Martin, Edited Hamburg, Acupuncture Shanghai. Sasha is inspired by nature, female beauty, plants, and eastern cultures. She draws on a variety of techniques: acrylic and watercolor illustrations, oil painting and digital art. Female and beauty are the main themes of illustration of Sasha's painting. People, beautiful nature, music, movies, books are the main sources of inspiration. A variegated dense ornament of flowers and plants symbolizes all the beauty of our nature and its diversity.

Selected Clients:
TaiKoo Hui, PUMA, Acupuncture Shanghai, Elle Magazine, Drew Martin, Harper's bazaar, etc.