Agnieszka Wajda

Illustrator based in Cracow, Poland, born in 1992. Drawing from an early age. Before becoming an illustrator, She used to work in an architectural design office. Her work is inspired by culture, adventure and mythology. Her passion for illustrating lies in the joy of painting fantasy worlds. Her work is inspired by observations of everyday life, collecting lots of different details to tell stories full of atmosphere. She has worked in the industries such as: book illustration, album arts for music labels and textile/fabric patterns. Dipping her toes in character design, concept art, children’s book illustration, and storyboarding.

1. Chapel Arts CIA XL 2020 and 2021 exhibition 2. The Cheltenham Illustration Awards EXHIBITION

1. Winner of 2021 Cheltenham Illustration Awards, themed 'The Story of a Better Tomorrow'
2. ’The Treasury List of the Children’s Book Museum’-organized by the Children’s Book Museum, a department of the Warsaw Public Library
3. ’The Book of the Year 2020′ for the „Pieśni Zaginionego Kontynentu” YA book in the „Best Books for Children 2020” category, organized by the
4. ‘The Best Book for Winter 2020’, in the plebiscite organized by the, for the „Pieśni Zaginionego Kontynentu” YA book for the „Pieśni Zaginionego Kontynentu” YA book
5. ‘The Best Book for Winter 2021’ in the plebiscite organized by the, for the „Powrót na Zaginiony Kontynent” YA book
6. Main Award in the XX Competition organized by Polish Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights for the „ Niedźwiadek…” boardbook series

Selected Clients:
SMB Label, Shivelight, Great Star Media Co. LTD, Nasza Księgarnia Publisher, Olesiejuk Publisher, Dwukropek Publisher, Zielona Sowa Publisher