Ampersand Globe was established in 2014. We are a renowned artist representation and licensing agency, with operations based in Toronto and Hong Kong. We constantly explore the intersection of art and business, delving into endless possibilities. Our primary focus lies in the thriving Asia-Pacific market, where we have established successful partnerships with esteemed global brands.

We have been involved in numerous exciting art projects across Asia, spanning a wide range of domains. From large-scale art installations to the fusion of art in high-end brand stores, from collaborations between fashion and art to artist collaborations for beauty gift sets, we have tirelessly endeavored to bring the beauty of art to Asian brands and the general public.

Through innovative collaboration methods and unique creativity, we have infused these projects with a distinct charm and artistic flair. Our objective is to bring unforgettable experiences to the Asian region through the power of art, while fostering the integration of art and brands, and creating new possibilities for beauty and aesthetics among the masses.

Our Projects

Mixc Art Installation

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