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Bárbara Malagoli

Bárbara Malagoli is an artist focused on illustration and visual arts based in London Uk. She has been working as an independent professional with studios and clients in a wide range of projects, as an illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director. Her work is all about compositions, shapes, vibrant textures and bold colours, which brings an extraordinary magical world to viewers.

Awards and Honors: 12th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, 2017
LUSOS Premio Lusofonos da Criatividade Bronze, 2016
L’Amour Rosé - ( SOLO ), Break Art Mix, Paris, 2018
BLOOM - Film & Art Exhibition, London/UK , 2016

Selected Clients:
Google, Facebook, McDonald’s, Nike, The New York Times, L’Occitanne, Vogue, Washington Post, L.A Times, Quartz, Glamour etc.