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Lidija is a digital illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Canada. She makes large-format floral pieces that are vivid, layered, and often include little surprises. When she draw and paint, she likes to create pieces that are hard to ignore. She likes meeting people that stand apart from the rest, wearing colors and patterns that draw attention, and buying products because they fell in love with the design of their packaging. Her greatest love is painting nature, especially its smallest elements - flowers and berries, birds, fish, crabs, insects. She likes to focus on something small and make it large. Her subjects may seem shy, hiding behind the leaves; but in their own way, they like to stand out too. She loves working with people and bringing their visions to life.

Selected Clients:
Coca-Cola, Atlantis Sanya, Copalli Rum, Iron Fist, Stronger, Mamawana etc.