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Cesc Grané

Cesc Grané is a digital illustrator specialized in 3D character design since 2007. His creations depict the ethereal worlds vibrant in his imagination through positive, fantastical narratives where soft-edged, warm creatures invite visitors to interact with them. Originally from Manlleu (outside of Barcelona), Cesc is currently based in Tokyo and has previously lived in Barcelona and Qatar. His style is influenced by the different journeys he has undertaken living in these vastly different places, resulting in a style that is unique to him. Cesc’s work has been displayed all around the world and in different media forms including animated spots, video games, digital renders, cartoons, corporate mascots and art shows. He employs a variety of techniques ranging from sculpture to digital illustration to print to animation.

Exhibitions and Honors:
Expo Toys Barcelona (Consell 81 / Barcelona), 2019
Forever Toys by Art Toy Gama (Okendo Centro Cultural / Donostia), 2018
Qatar Contemporary: Art and Photography (Manege / St. Petersburg), 2018
Manlleu Galeria d’Art (Manlleu / Barcelona), 2018

Selected Clients:
Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks, PUMA, Chupa Chups, Nestle, Grey, Ogilvyone Worldwide, First Leap, EDUCA…