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Chiara Vercesi

Chiara Vercesi is an Italian illustrator currently based in Amsterdam. Chiara is recognized for her vibrant style rich in textures and atmospheric brush strokes. Her illustrations are attention-grabbing, bold yet light, and with a natural flow. She’s a creative artist who enjoys working with art and creative directors across the globe and enjoys taking the time to understand her client’s vision. Because of her background, Chiara worked as a designer and art director for four years in a digital agency, and, before that, for six years as an illustrator and concept artist for different boardgame companies. Everything begins with playing with the composition, the concept, the design until it’s perfectly balanced. Chiara is passionate about every project she works on! She embraces the concept behind every brief and clients love the way she finds ways of giving their projects a fresh edge while still staying true to her style.

Selected Clients:
The Washington Post, The New York Times, Scientific American, Harvard Public Health, Barron’s Magazine, Quartz, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Deloitte, Kiplinger Magazine, Coca Cola, Facebook, Deloitte, Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, Philips, Eni, World Health Organisation, Politecnico di Milano, William and Mary University, TU Delft, Vrije Unviersiteit Amsterdam, Port of Rotterdam, etc.