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Ruben Sanchez

Ruben Sanchez is a Madrid graphic designer and illustrator. Strong graphic style that resonates through all of his projects. Vibrant color palettes, asymmetry and lack of perfect proportions are the ingredients of a game where you are challenged to depict Ruben's messages and concerns throughout characters and elements in fragile balance but with strong interactions. A personal style where visual balance, chain reactions and connectivity flirts with cubism and abstraction.

Exhibitions and Honors:
SWAY. Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa (USA) 2020
Beyond the Walls. Cohle Gallery. Paris (France) 2020
Ikara Gallery. Solo show. Barcelona (Spain). 2011 Etc.

Selected Clients:
Nike、Nike & Converse HQ、Facebook、2019 UEFA’s Champions League 2019、LinkedIn、YouTube、Cisco Systems etc.